Street-Food Event Catering in Yorkshire

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We cover the whole of Yorkshire, providing superb catering for all types of outdoor events including festivals, concerts, galas, fundraisers, sporting events and more!

We do everything from burgers to curry to BBQ to pizza, we cater for your tastes and needs even down to our chocolate Bear’s Brownies.

The Bear’s Menu

All of our food is bought, cooked and serve FRESH, meaning that what you eat is not gonna be any ordinary bite!

We use flame-grills to cook our delicious, succulent burgers, wood-fired ovens for our traditional, Italian base pizzas and special slow-cook ovens for our amazing pulled-meat sandwiches. Take a look at the full menu and try not to let your mouth water!

About The Bear

Gone are the ideas to buy cheap, sell high and in high volume. We still want to serve lots of customers, but we want to take the quality to the maximum rather than be happy with the “standard” fare.

We’ve got a range of products that we believe are the best around. At Bears, we don’t want to be “average,” we want to be the BEST at what we do.

Our Menus

Burgers from our flame grill, pizzas from our wood-fired oven and much more from The Bear!

Famously Tasty Flame-Grilled and Wood-Fired Street Food

Mobile Catering for All Outdoor Events
Festivals, Concerts, Corporate Events & More.