Bear’s Street Food, Yorkshire

Our Story

After working in catering for many years, running events for up to 60,000 people, seeing the products we were serving and the prices we were charging, I decided that the customers deserved more – and the idea of Bears was born.

Gone are the ideas to buy cheap, sell high and sell in high volume. We still want to serve lots of customers, but we want to take the quality to the maximum rather than be happy with the “standard” fare.

I’ve seen hundreds of products over the years, some good, some bad, some even awful. Mostly average. I’ve developed a range of products that I believe are the best around. At Bears, we don’t want to be “average” – we want to be the best at what we do.

I’ve never been to an event and left thinking “the food was amazing”. Normally, I struggle to remember what I’ve had, and I believe that food should be a big part of the experience at any event.

Bear Grills

Our vehicles are all fitted with BBQ grills as well as hot plates, to give you that extra-special flame-grilled burger.

Bear’s Fired Pizzas

We believe the best pizzas are cooked in wood-burning ovens – so our pizza vehicles are all fitted with large wood-burning ovens to give you the authentic thin ‘n’ crispy Italian pizza.

Street Food to You

Our special oven vans allow us to deliver our special slow-cooked pulled sandwiches to you at home or work. Choose from beef, pork or our special pulled chicken sandwiches.

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The Bear

Bears Street Food
Bears Street Food
Bears Street Food